Creating Confidence Bootcamp


Have you checked all the boxes...but still feel anxious and insecure most of the time? (And then frustrated and confused about why you feel that way?)

Are you afraid you’ll never actually get to enjoy life—even if it gets really, really good—because of your self-critical thoughts?

Are you worried you are one mistake away from blowing the good things in your life because of all this self-doubt and self-sabotage?

If so, hi. I used to be you.

I'm Kara Loewentheil, J.D., Master Confidence Coach, to be exact. And I know what a mindf*ck it is to be a high-achieving feminist woman who is still filled with anxiety and self-doubt.

I was a self-critical, insecure, anxious and over-achieving mess for decades. I went to Ivy League schools, landed jobs that were impossible to get, dated nice and not-so-nice boys, gained and lost dozens of pounds over and over, and none of it changed how I felt inside.

It wasn’t until I discovered coaching and learned how to coach myself that I was able to put together the cognitive psychology that I knew could rewire my brain with the feminist values that informed my life. The result was the ability to actually match my feelings and actions to my beliefs. I figured out how to use neuroplasticity (our brains' ability to change neural patterns) to create the feelings of confidence, worth, and independence that I had wanted for so long. And holy sh*t does life make a ton more sense now. Not just because I experience this liberation in my daily life, but because I get to teach women the tools of their own freedom.

How do I do that? I'm glad you asked.

The answer is the Creating Confidence Bootcamp—a program rooted in cognitive science (ooh, brainy!) but in a totally fun and accessible way.

It’s a six-week course that teaches you how to literally rewire your brain, your thought patterns, and your emotional life. 

TLDR; More fun than a Ted Talk, but more evidence-based and effective than a life coach who calls herself a shamanic priestess.

The bottom line: your problems can be solved. You can become the master (wait a minute, f*ck the patriarchy, I mean the MISTRESS) of your brain and your life and your happiness. And it can be a fucking riot. (The funny kind of riot, I mean.)


Want the details? I don't blame you.

Here’s the workout plan for your brain:

  • 1


    Learn an entirely new way of understanding your emotions and a system for processing them that puts you in control of your feelings, instead of the other way around. You’ll never be stuck waiting for the “feeling confident” bus to come by again.

  • 2


    Figure out how to identify the exact thoughts that are causing your anxiety, insecurity, and self-doubt. Most of us ignore what’s going on in our brains because we’re scared to look under the hood. This module will be like a comforting hand to hold so you can open your eyes.

  • 3


    Discover the key to changing your thoughts: a step-by-step process for using neutral thoughts to work from negative to positive. The reason you’ve never been able to change your thoughts before is you were trying to go too far too fast. This is a map of exactly how to get there at a pace that works.

  • 4


    We all have stories about our past that keep us stuck in insecurity, doubt, and anxiety. Learn how to literally rewrite the past in your own brain so you can feel completely different about where you’ve been AND where you’re going.

  • 5


    Your brain is a pattern-making machine. Here, you'll learn how to program your brain to seek and find evidence that supports confidence, bravery, and growth. Confirmation bias will be your b*tch, in a good way.

  • 6


    Stop living a life that's smaller than your dreams. Learn how to think big for yourself and feel confident enough to make those dreams into reality. When you don’t believe you can have the life you want, you’ll never get it. Thought work is the key to making a new reality come true.

Through using the coaching concepts Kara teaches I have more confidence in my personal and professional interactions as well as in how I think and feel about myself. I see the benefits of this every day! I feel less anxious at work and I feel more in control of my life. As a result I get more done and my work product is better. I started meditation a while before coaching and it helped but I can see now how the progress I have made with this work in a few months would have taken years of meditation!


You know all of that sh*t you WISH you could be?


  • Calm
  • Empowered
  • Unafraid
  • Self-Assured
  • Unapologetic
  • Resilient

Well, the answer to becoming that isn’t to “just love yourself more!” or “just be more confident!” because if that worked, you’d be ‘fixed’ by now.


The answer, turns out, is


Don’t worry, you do not need to have majored in chemistry to do this work! I’ve taken the complicated rigorous science behind lasting cognitive change and made it really easy to explain, digest, and apply.

Through concrete, evidence-based exercises and tools, the Creating Confidence Bootcamp teaches you step by step how to:

  • manage and understand your emotions,
  • identify the self-critical thoughts holding you back,
  • and create new neural pathways that will literally change your life.

All in a weekly structure that will keep you on track.

PLUS a Facebook group where you can hash it all out with other women working on their self confidence too.

It’s the answer to all of the ways
you hold yourself back.

Because everything in your life is impacted by your self-confidence and self-worth: your career, love life, physical life, social life, family relationships. Everything.

 So it’s about time to change your thoughts and change your life.

In that order.

If a note slipped under your door that said,

“Do you want to feel confident and worthy enough to go after and GET everything you want? Like the raise or promotion or dream job or side business? Or boldly asking for what you want in your relationships? Would you love to stop settling for the barely-good-enough career, friendships, lovers? What about being able to hang out with anyone on earth without feeling less-than or insecure or anxious?”

You’d probably be like Um who wrote this note and how did you get in my house?

But then you’d be like HELL YES TO ALL OF THAT.

Creepy note aside, the Creating Confidence Bootcamp is that invitation.


And listen. If this all sounds wild to you, I get it.

We’ve been taught forever that the "things" that create confidence are, well, things—the guy, the job, the house. And yet, none of your life milestones have actually changed how you feel about yourself.

Or maybe you’ve been through therapy, or meditation or yoga but don’t feel like you have real tactics to intervene and change your thoughts so your feelings and actions change too.

And you just can't imagine what else there is to try.

This. This is what there is left to try. And it's the last thing you'll need to try ever again


Here’s how my clients have described me:

  • I’m a mix of coach, friend, wise elder, and hilarious smart-ass.
  • My superpower is getting to the heart of the issue, clearing away everything else, and providing compassionate, no-bullshit guidance.
  • I make all of this heavy stuff light and fun. But don’t mistake that for frivolous: We’re creating serious change here.
  • I’m a Master Certified Coach, so I’m familiar with the woo, but I have a heavyweight educational background too (with degrees from Harvard + Yale). The result is a balanced program that’s super-fun but with a seriously legitimate backbone.

In their own words:

I recently started dating again at age 49, after being married for 12 years. I felt old and unattractive and worried I’d never find anyone. Kara talked me down off the screaming edge and helped me feel so good about the whole thing—I had the time of my life dating, and after a few months I found my next serious relationship.


So. Here’s the bottom line: Self-confidence isn’t simply the secret to getting the life you want. It’s also the secret to enjoying the life you have.

AKA it’s the gift that keeps on giving. AKA once you learn these tools you’ll never look back. AKA it’s time to getchu some.

The Creating Confidence Bootcamp


  • Understanding your emotions
  • Identifying stressful thoughts
  • Leveraging neutral thoughts to work up to positive beliefs
  • Rewriting the past so you can change the future
  • Reprogramming your brain’s patterns on purpose
  • Thinking big and planning a better life


  • Exclusive Facebook Group—Access to a closed Facebook group where you can access additional teaching and learning with Kara, and experience a supportive community of women working on their confidence together.


As if that weren’t enough….

I’m also throwing in this ahhhhmazing bonus, because that’s just how I roll.

The UnF*ck Your Brain Model

No biggie, this is just literally the mental process that creates your whole life. (Yeah. For real.)

This bonus module (teaching video + workbook) teaches you the coaching model on which all my work is based, so that you can use it yourself to truly understand how your thoughts are playing out and creating your reality. It's not manifestation nonsense, it's a step-by-step illustration of how your brain impacts your life. Once you learn how this works, your life will quite literally never be the same. I’m preemptively excited for you on this one.

The Creating Confidence Bootcamp

  • 6 weeks of self-study materials + workbooks + challenges
  • Facebook group for extra learning + support
  • Bonus: The UnF*ck Your Brain Model Module

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